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About StartUp Big Boss

For the entrepreneur who is tired of struggling to scale a company yet achieving insignificant results, StartUp Big Boss provides customized startup acceleration for big ideas to effectively transform into a real business, unlike traditional startup spaces that are overly crowded, the StartUp Big Boss incubatee receives 1 to 1 mentorship with success skill guidance throughout.


StartUp Big Boss (SUBB) provide young striving professionals a dynamic community to grow ideas from elevator pitch into real business, find co-founders, establish dynamic contacts and obtain funding. Founders learn pragmatic ways relevant to the challenges of scaling a business, understand the basics of business language, appreciate the crucial importance of finance and use social selling. This unique incubation covers entrepreneurial skills required to succeed in the creative sector where startups benefit from commercial expert advisory, worksheets that can be combined into a simple business plan, where passion driven individuals gear up with everything they need to be a Big Boss in the new economy.


SUBB sets out to do the right thing by mentoring as Startup ideas Incubator for Ethical Practice, Disruptive Experience, Transformative New Venture, Pitch, Strategy, Marketing, Forecast, Sustainability.

SUBB is Venture Capitalist for Young Creative Entrepreneurs, Bright Sparks, Positive Thinkers with Successful Mentors.

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Our Founder

Jason Chia | Ideas Incubator | VC | Executive Creative Director

" The flexibility and unique talent in Jason value-added the process of monetizing business innovation, being a serial entrepreneur led his search at incubating young creative entrepreneurs for the new economy. "

PROFILE: Jason has more than 28 years of best practice in creative cross-disciplinary experience, the flexibility and unique talent in him value-added the process of monetizing business innovation, being a serial entrerepneur in creative+tech solutions led his search for new challenges at incubating startups and young creative entrepreneurs for the new economy, he enjoys transferring knowledge as a Mentor for students at Raffles Design College. He was invited to judge at Entrepreneur Day in NYP, hosted talks on New Economy workshops including venues like SIRS and IAL where aspiring entrepreneurs thrive and explored disruptive ways to better lives.


What we offer


How to start a Winning Big Idea.


Tap on beneficial technical guidiance.


Scale up with easy-to-use toolkits.


Learn pitch skills to obtain seed funds.


Attract eyeballs with skills of a pro.


Create innovation in successful stages.


What we have created


Startup founder Lee Hui Fang wants to help people unleash their own natural health by using basic self accupresure massage techniques. SUBB led the startup in creating a new economy model independent from the old brick and mortar business by:

  1. Product Market Fit (PMF) and Growth Hacking approaches for scaling user base.
  2. Product Development in structured stages achieving a viable MVP.
  3. Monitizing method by differentiating product offering
Delivery Drone

D2D Delivery Drone

Startup founder Bary Hisham aims to increase greater efficiency and reduce carbon footprint for consumer parcel logistics in crowded urban cities. SUBB incubates this exciting new economy proposition by:

  1. Prototyping a MVP to cover further delivery distances with payload.
  2. Product Development to cater for demanding urban environments.
  3. Scale stages with Growth Hacking in A.I. robotics, software and navigation system combined.
Pied Piper

Pied Piper

MediaPop co-founded this software and hardware solutions startup featuring cloning, remote computing, storage. SUBB mentored this tech startup in early stage ideation with:

  1. Conceputalize the remote computing environment
  2. Developing MVP for Beta test
  3. Pitch for early stage funding

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